Team Solent Ladies Social Media Work

In September of 2017, during my second year at Southampton Solent University, I became part of the media team at Solent Ladies FC alongside a course mate of mine. We were to cover the Wednesday BUCS league games for the side, whilst the other two media men who currently worked for the side would cover the Sunday league games until the end of the academic year 2018.

This role gave me my first ever opportunity of covering a football team on a matchday and being responsible for all aspects of social meda whilst it was happening. My experience at Gillingham FC and Tankerton FC meant that I knew the ups and downs of how to run a social media account, but on a matchday this pressure (both in terms of time and the quality/quantity of posts I put out) is increased.

Firstly I went along with my course mate to a Sunday League game to see in person how the two regular media men did what was needed on a match day. During this game I was in charge of the Snapchat account, something I of course had experience of doing whilst at Gillingham. I felt the Snapchat story from that day was a success, and it can be viewed by clicking here.

Youtube Video
The Snapchat Story from the first game I attended as a Solent Ladies media man can be accessed via my YouTube Channel

In the build up to my first game I was required to produce a feature for my Sports Journalism course, and I chose to use my Solent Ladies links to do just that. As part of a group of three we produced the following 2 minute feature, which has a few flaws but was considered around a B2/B3 grade by our lecturer considering it was a first try. The clip can be accessed by clicking here. The following is a video of the interview we took with SL Head Coach Rafa Citron, which is used in the feature:

The following week saw me take sole charge of the Solent Ladies Social Media as they had their first BUCS game. I was on my own as my course mate could not make the first two games of the season due to work. The Snapchat story I produce from that day (a game away to UWE at the start of October 2017) can be seen here. 

I was also required to make and produce images so that the tweets I was putting out were more illustrated and ‘clickable’. I did this using an app called Canva, which helped me produce the following tweets from that opening game:

In the build up to the following BUCS game of the season me and the other media team members produced GIFs to go with our tweets. These gave the twitter feed a far more personal feel:

The next BUCS game saw more of the Canva pictures used, and as my confidence grew I got amongst the players more taking pictures etc, as seen below:

The tweets we produced are encouraged to be professional but amusing at the same time, in order to keep the university team aspect present on our accounts.

The girls generally respond well to our tweets; scrolling through the live tweets after each game and sharing those which feature their name. The closer I get to the squad members however the greater the posts will become (more Q&As for example).

More examples of work I have produced for Solent Ladies:

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See below for the latest tweets: