Snapchat Story Work

I gained some experience of working for a football club whilst at Gillingham FC during 2017. This page includes a collection of the Snapchat stories I produced whilst working for the club, which went out to all of their social media followers.

Further experience was gained working on an official Snapchat following becoming part of Southampton Solent Ladies’ media team in September 2017. This meant during Second year of uni I was part of a four man team and during Third year I would become part of a two man team for the side.

The stories are ordered from most recent story at the top, to the oldest at the bottom. Alternatively all of these stories can be accessed via my YouTube page. 

Wednesday November 15th 2017 – Solent Ladies vs Uni of South Wales – BUCS 1A

After resuming my duties as media officer last Wednesday for a friendly against Southampton College, I returned to Test Park for another BUCS game. Now I have the assistance of a course mate of mine during games who helps with taking high quality videos and photos for match day vlogs. As a result the following Snapchat story was more substantial than previous games.

Unfortunatley the girls slumped to another disappointing and frustrating defeat to University of South Wales. The same problems are occurring every game and it’s something that needs to be fixed sooner rather than later. The Snapchat story is available below:

Wednesday November 1st 2017 – Solent Ladies vs Uni of Gloucestershire – BUCS 1A

Another BUCS Wednesday for Solent Ladies where I was required to take charge of all social media accounts. I had some assistance from two other guys today meaning the Snapchat story was longer than previous BUCS weeks.

The girls finally won a game and thoroughly deserved it too. This is the first time I had taken charge of a social media account for a team and they had won! The curse has been lifted. The Snapchat story is available below:

Sunday October 22nd 2017 – Solent Ladies vs Chesham United – SWRFL 

This was the first time in a couple of weeks I was only responsible for the Solent Ladies Snapchat account, rather than the Twitter and Instagram too. This meant the following story was far more in-depth than previous.

Of course as I have previously noted running this Snapchat account is a far more casual affair compared to that I am used to at Gillingham, for example. In terms of improvements I feel like I needed to get in-between the players a bit more at half-time and full-time; in a similar fashion to the warm ups at the start of the game. The Snapchat story is available below:

Wednesday October 18th 2017 – Solent Ladies vs Exeter – BUCS 1A

Another game where I was required to run all forms of social media for the Solent Ladies side, meaning the Snapchat story suffered as a result. I do feel however I got some good shots before the game, particularly the ones of the girls walking onto the pitch. These shots were also converted to GIFS to use on our Twitter.

Again the girls were unable to find a victory (I am starting to think I am an unlucky charm when it comes to running the Snapchat for a team!), falling way short of Exeter as the visitors won 9-0. But as I said last week there is still plenty of the season to go. The Snapchat story for the day is below:

Wednesday October 11th 2017 – UWE vs Solent Ladies – BUCS 1A 

This was the first time I was in sole charge of the Solent Ladies social media, meaning for a 90 minute game I had to update the Twitter feed, Instagram feed, keep a stopwatch of the time, and of course Snapchat. As a result the Snapchat story was not quite as long or as in depth as previous stories seen below, but I felt it presented the key messages well.

Although pushing UWE right to the end and being 3-1 up at one point, the girls narrowly lost 4-3 but showed plenty of positive signs ahead of the new BUCS season. The Snapchat story of the day is below:

Sunday October 1st 2017 – Solent Ladies vs Ascot United Ladies – SWRFL 

My first time running the official Solent Ladies Snapchat account ahead of becoming a member of their media team came in October of 2017. The Solent Ladies team were at home in the SWRFL against Ascot United Ladies and I was in charge of the snapchat for the day.

Unfortunately the girls slumped to a 7-1 defeat however I personally enjoyed the day and it got me excited for the potential associated with such a job. As expected, the running of this Snapchat account was far more relaxed compared to that I had been used to at Gillingham, which is something I enjoyed. The Snapchat story of the day is below:

Monday April 17th 2017 – Charlton Athletic vs Gillingham – Sky Bet League One

My second time running the official Gillingham FC Snapchat account was away at Charlton Athletic (The Valley). It was a great experience being able to roam the players’ tunnel and changing rooms and have unlimited access to all the behind the scenes at the game.

Unfortunately I was left waiting for my first experience of a Gillingham win whilst working for the club as Charlton came away 3-0 winners. The Snapchat Story is below:


Saturday March 25th 2017 – Gillingham vs Peterborough Utd –  Sky Bet League One

My first experience working for a football club on a match day. Having previously spent a week at Gillingham doing work experience during January of 2017, I was offered the chance to come along to a match day and help out with the social media.


The game was not the spectacle I had hoped for. The visitors won 1-0 in the dying seconds with a long range strike in a game which failed to really get going. The Snapchat story is below: